BREAKING: Hillary Presidential Announcement – Trump Stunned

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just issued a stunning presidential announcement. President Donald Trump is completely shocked — no one expected this to happen, but Clinton is being serious.

Taking to Twitter, Clinton once again blamed Trump for the COVID-19 crisis. “We need a real president,” she said while reminding her anti-Trump followers that “the 100,000th American died of COVID-19 on Trump’s watch.”

Of course, she hasn’t taken into account that Trump has done everything conceivably possible to mitigate the spread of this highly-contagious virus, including temporary travel bans to the U.S. from trouble spots around the world.

Trump also formed the White House Coronavirus Task Force and appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead the effort with Dr. Anthony Fauci — America’s leading infectious disease expert — and other experts in the field.

But Clinton would rather throw red meat to liberal Democrats than offer any actual help. She even mischaracterized a retweet of Trump’s in which Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin made a joke about Democrats.

In the video, Griffin said that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” but the context of his statement was related to the upcoming election. Clinton criticized Trump for sharing the video and implied he made a death threat.

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