BREAKING: Hillary Nomination Announcement – Nation In SHOCK


Hillary Clinton could be back in an alarming, unexpected way. An announcement about her possible nomination was just released and the nation is in shock.

According to political strategist and former Clinton insider, Dick Morris, Hillary still has a path to the Democratic nomination, and it is through the convention process — where he believes she’d win.

“I think that when you put it together they will go to a second ballot and then I think Hillary could enter the race,” said Morris. “The superdelegates will all leave whoever they are for and vote for Hillary.”

This scenario is most likely should Democrats enter a brokered convention, which Morris thinks is a real possibility if no additional candidates drop out and Sanders doesn’t have a majority of delegates.

“I think Hillary will be the nominee because she can win with the superdelegates and ultimately put together the majority,” continued Morris. Regardless, of course, Democrats are in for a bumpy ride.

If Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) ends up winning the nomination, he has zero path to victory — and this is why the Democratic establishment is freaking out. He will get “massacred by Trump,” said Morris.

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