BREAKING: Hillary Makes It Official – Bill Clinton Humiliated

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just made is official. Her husband, Bill Clinton, has been humiliated and this is only the beginning. The Clintons don’t want this news spreading across the nation.

Juanita Broadderick, who has accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault for years, spoke with Breitbart News about the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton — namely her recent endorsement of Joe Biden.

“Who better to support Joe Biden than someone with not only years, but decades of experience in enabling a serial sexual predator?” asked Broadderick during an interview with Breitbart. She has a strong point.

In fact, Broadderick went so far as to say that “Hillary has no morals” and “does everything for money and power.” Now, that is a stunning indictment — but it’s something Americans have known for decades.

It is why Americans rejected Hillary Clinton for president twice, yet she seems to believe that she is still popular. Let’s get something straight: She is only “popular” with the Democratic Party establishment.

So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Hillary has endorsed Biden’s bid for the White House. She has supported men credibly accused of sexual assault her entire life in order to gain political power and influence.

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