BREAKING: Hillary Jumps In – White House Stunned

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that she would have handled the coronavirus outbreak better than President Donald Trump and that she would have won if she had been on the ballot this November.

In one of the worst examples of armchair quarterbacking with 20/20 hindsight that I have ever seen, Clinton second-guessed the depth of the coronavirus-related economic shutdowns and said that she would have “done a better job saving lives, modeling better, more responsible behavior.”

Clinton made the remarks in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She also said Facebook should be held accountable for allowing Russian disinformation to exist on the platform while ignoring the fact that her campaign funded an entire dossier of disinformation on Trump, which the FBI then used to illegally spy on his campaign and administration.

If she really thought she could beat Trump in 2020, why didn’t she run again then? She was one of the least well-liked candidates I have ever seen; even Democrats didn’t like her.

Why isn’t she running in November if she really thought she could win? And why is any media outlet even still listening to her three-plus years after Trump defeated her the first time?

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