BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Russia Connection – Trump Exposes Bombshell

President Donald Trump suggested at a rally in Newport News, Virginia, that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats received Russian assistance during the 2016 election.

President Trump told rallygoers, “They now prove that Russia interfered in 2016. Unfortunately, it was on behalf of Hillary Clinton, not Trump. They were the ones that were involved with Russia. It was a whole big disinformation campaign!”

The Democrat playbook is full of gaslighting, it is almost guaranteed that they are doing whatever they accuse their opponents of doing.

President Trump explained how Democrats and the FBI used Russian disinformation to build a case against him to try and keep him out of the White House.

Trump said, “Newly released text messages make 100 percent clear the FBI knew that the Democrats purchased Russian disinformation targeting me, your favorite president. We were unjustly treated, unjustly accused by a bunch of treasonous crooks. They are a bunch of bad, bad people who got caught, and I think they’ll have to pay a very substantial price.”

Democrats went to a foreign entity to create a case to keep Trump out of the White House. They failed at that so they proceeded to falsely accuse Trump of working with Russia, the very thing they actually did.

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