BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign SHOCKER – It’s Happening…

CNN’s editor-at-large, Chris Cillizza, just dropped a bomb about Hillary Clinton’s future presidential plans.

“Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may campaign for president in 2024 if President Joe Biden decides not to run,” reported Breitbart on Cillizza’s comments.

Noting the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, Cillizza said that there were “whispers” that Clinton will make another attempt to get the Democrat nomination.

Cillizza added that running again “would be something that would be hard for Clinton to not at least look at” if Biden were to decide against running for a second term.

“As someone who has fought for women’s rights throughout her career as first lady, US senator and secretary of state, might the Supreme Court’s ruling have changed her calculus somewhat as she looks to her own future?” Cillizza wrote.

“Changed circumstances can lead to changed minds,” he said.

To read this full story and see more of Cillizza’s comments, click here.

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