BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Is Officially BACK – Nation Stunned

The media including the New York Times and UK Telegraph went out of its way to praise former Secretary of State and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D) for “trying” to help women and children get out of Afghanistan, even though she actually did nothing to help in the evacuation efforts.

Clinton “attempted to charter flights out of the country for the country’s at-risk women,” the Telegraph said.

The Times reported that “Ms. Clinton and her team have been trying to aid potential Taliban targets in leaving the country.”

The Guardian also reported that she “spoke to” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and “urged” Canada to continue its work.

It would sure be nice to get credit for “trying,” but not actually having to do anything in reality. Bet Biden wishes he was getting that kind of credit right now.

Read the full story here.

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22 Responses

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      1. But, But , her Butt is so big ! So are those thunder thigh and lower legs like nail kegs . Now if she really wanted to help and not just get publicity , she’d use some of the Clinton Foundation Dollars to buy freedom for those women and girls . After all she can afford it .

        1. The Clinton Foundation can’t afford to make donations to the Afghans because 84% of their money has to go to maintaining the tX free Foundation.

  3. She is trying to get back into the citizen’s goodwill!

    This attempt will not succeed, in my opinion, since she is seen as a deceptive person by a majority of the nation.

      1. & I read they took her off the day of bushs funeral when she collapsed getting into that vehicle on the sidewalk. was on the gitmo list,ummmm. They say she has been cloned,in this lieing world,whom knows,nothing surprising.

  4. It wouldn’t matter if Hilary pulled angels out of her a** … she is one of the most hated women politicians in America.. second only to Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris… if she thinks this is her come back… she’s as delusional as Biden

  5. Hillary Clinton – what else do you expect – all talk and no results – JUST A NO BRAINER ATTEMPT !!! Hillary fouled up with Benghazi, why is this any different ??? The democratic brain doesn’t work for America – JUST LIES !!!

  6. HEY I tried to help also….. I thought up ways to get people out of Kabul—motorcycle riders from Hells Angels…..drone flights, 3 drones pick up one child—circus cannon shots over the border–disguise women as men….

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