BREAKING: Hillary Clinton In DEEP Trouble – Investigation Shocks Nation

A new indictment by Special Counsel John Durham shows that Russian collusion did exist, but that it was done by the Hillary Clinton campaign, not former President Donald Trump.

Durham indicted Igor Danchenko on Thursday for feeding British spy Michael Steele false information that he used to create a dossier that was then used to “prove” that Trump was colluding with Russia.

The information was later proven false, but not before it was leaked to the press and used to try to discredit and smear Trump during his presidential campaign.

Durham found that a Clinton campaign aide with direct ties to Russia, Charles Dolan Jr., was feeding Danchenko much of the false information and that the two worked together to create the dossier.

In other words, as Brietbart’s John Pollack said, “Danchenko and Dolan were manufacturing evidence of Trump’s supposed ‘collusion’ with Russia, while colluding with Russia themselves.”

Read the full story here.


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  5. Never doubted Hillary was behind all of President Trump’s problems during his campaign as well as his entire presidency. When will she be held accountable for putting the entire country through all this turmoil? The Clintons have been crooks their entire lives and belong in jail. President Trump deserves the satisfaction of seeing her pay for what she did.

  6. Those of us who supported President Trump throughout his campaign, term of office, and to this day already knew who was responsible. We just had to wait for someone who was honest enough and willing to do the right thing . Too many have be of the wrong spirit. Wrong is wrong no matter who peforms it. I said it before and I’ll say it once more. Bill and Hilary Rodham Clinton have been connected with the Russian leadership since the late 1960s when they allied for Russian citizenship. They have been connected with George Soros for almost 40 or more. They introducted Barack Obama to the world at the re-election Convention in 1996. Nothing good could ever come out of that grouping of people.

  7. I agree with you Charles in JESUS NAME. “GOD Will rule against the wicked and Destroy them with The BREATH of HIS MOUTH. GOD Will be Clothed With FAIRNESS AND TRUTH. ” (ISAIAH 11) These words of ALMIGHTY GOD are Decreed and Released throughout Every Clintons situation. I Trust And DEPEND on ALMIGHTY GOD’S Justice Fairness Honesty and Truth to continue to Expose and Destroy All involved. SWIFTLY. I Decree in JESUS NAME.

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