BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Gets What She Deserves – Report Stuns Nation

The Sussman trial has revealed where the Great Russian Hoax began, middled, and ended.

With Hillary Clinton.

The buck stopped with Clinton on her own campaign, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker recently spelled out on Fox Business what recent revelations actually mean for Hillary Clinton.

“Well, the trial is really going to do two things. One, is it’s holding Michael Sussmann accountable for sharing this false narrative, this false story generated by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and so he is being held accountable under the rule of law. But most importantly is, I think that Durham is telling the story as to how this all started. And ultimately, to your point, time and time again, whether it was the Clinton campaign knowing it was false or the FBI determining it was false, it continued to march on. And Peter Strzok, really, I think, is the next person needs to be held accountable. I mean, he is the one who ultimately decided that there was something to this story and decided that the FBI should ultimately launch an investigation into a sitting president.”

Whitaker concluded by reminding America that much action is yet to come in the trial. Hillary’s going down. “This is just beginning, and there are other people who need to pay for this false narrative that has really for four years dogged this administration.”

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