BREAKING: Hillary Clinton DESTROYED – Family Shocked

Hillary Clinton’s dreams of making a political comeback in 2024 just got crushed as Democrats are reportedly not taking talks of “Clinton 2024” seriously.

With President Biden’s crashing approval ratings and advanced age, many Democrats want Biden to step down in 2024.

With speculation of Biden stepping down swirling, many strategists are beginning to look for his replacement.

Hillary Clinton clearly had hopes of filling in the growing power vacuum, but if the latest rumors are to be believed, that isn’t going to happen.

A former Clinton insider and Democrat explained why Clinton has no potential in 2024, saying, “There’s no appetite. None. Zero. I love her to death, but no. You’ve got to win. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed.”

Hillary Clinton’s political career has become synonymous with losing and corruption, not a strong platform for the Democrat Party that is facing long political odds to retain the White House.

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