BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Confirms Rumors – She’s Joining Up

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just confirmed the rumors. She is joining up — and millions of Americans are completely stunned.

Appearing on CNN, Clinton said this she gives President Joe Biden “an ‘A,’ and I’m a hard grader.” She went on to say that now  Americans “don’t have to shake their heads wonder that a president is going to tell them to drink bleach.”

Of course, President Donald Trump never told anyone to drink bleach to kill COVID-19, but Clinton and her mainstream media allies have no problem lying if it means spreading fear for influence.

Clinton went on to praise Biden for his tenure as president, even though he has only been in the White House for about 100 days. Her exaggerations are pure pandering — laughable and just plain sad.

“He has once again embodied and modeled what a president should act like in the Oval Office, in the White House, in the world at large with dignity, with purposefulness,” said Clinton.

She also noted Biden’s efforts to “undo the past four years,” referring to many of Trump’s signature accomplishments. Clinton should visit the southern border and see just how well that is going.

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9 Responses

  1. Yes, she needs to go to the Southern border and see just what Her savior
    really has done for America. Then she needs to go to the mountains of New York
    and get lost where no one can find her.

  2. Ya Hillary I give Joe an A+ also for DESTROYING AMERICA & your remarks show you are out to destroy America also all because your a soar LOOSER, LIER & TRAIDER & SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tell ya what Hillary when you & Bill come clean with all your crimes let us know because you have closets full of secrets!!!! Till you come clean we really do not care what you think!!!

  3. She is evil like her husband! Hillary you let those 4 men in Bengazi be slaughtered and ignored their pleas for help along with Obama and Biden! Americans will not forget your treason!

  4. Why does she still think her opinion is important? She is an idiot and a cheat and thief. Oh yah, I forgot, she is a murderer too. She needs to be prosecuted and put in prison. She would have lots of company if Biden’s etc were all prosecuted. Are you nervous yes pisslosi? What comes around, goes around. You will all get your justice eventually. You should be afraid to be in or out of prison really.

  5. Sorry: Just wanted to let the dems know they aren’t really in power as there are way too many children in the same sandbox wanting the same thing.

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