BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Confirms Fears – She’s Doing It Again

Former Secretary of State and two-time presidential failure Hillary Clinton just confirmed our worst fears. She is doing it again. This is stunning.

Clinton just can’t seem to get Russia out of her head. She continues to blame Russia for her election loss in 2016, and now she has made a similar accusation regarding the UK’s Brexit effort.

“I think there was also significant evidence of Russian involvement, if not influence or interference in Brexit,” said Clinton without proof. “Leaders must be willing to stand up to and speak out against Russian interference, or frankly interference from any foreign power — but let’s focus on Russia.”

Russia, Russia, Russia. Clinton’s one-track mind can’t think about anything else. It is like an old record skipping and landing on the same word over and over again. She has lost it.

Speaking to former UK leaders, Clinton even used the opportunity to say that Russian interference “has now been proven beyond a doubt in our election in 2016, but in the continuing efforts to interfere even in the 2020 election, particularly the lead up to it.”

Whether it is Brexit or the last two elections here in the United States, she has one bogeyman: Russia. This is why no one takes her seriously anymore outside of the globalist elites.

Read the full story here.

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16 Responses

  1. Will that crazy demorat ever go away. She is a complete pain in the neck. No wonder billy strayed, they are both non-essential people.

  2. It is sad ! Hillary still can not accept her losses. If she has not, which is predictable, she should see a Doc for treatment. She blames anything she did not win or achieve on someone else. The only reason she won the NY Senator job, she ran against a local politician from Long Island that No one in NYC nor upstate NY knew he was. She is a sorry person . . . sad !

    1. Hillary is staying too long at the Fair!!!
      If she fell into anonymity, we might have something nice to say about her.
      But being so “out there” all the time is simply sickening!
      She has nothing to contribute but refuses to fold her tent!
      She is one sorry human being which she, herself, made! 🥺

  3. Not only have Clinton’s allegation against Russia been disproven in the Donald Trump witch hunt at great public expense, but there is no rational reason why Putin and Russia would have preferred the Donald to her. The key factor bluntly explained in CLINTON CASH was that Putin and pals had bought both Slick Willie and Hillary in the past; her greed appears to be well know in international circles! I can only imagine she is bitter about a deal with the Russians that failed to materialize after her defeat!? And if anyone has any lingering doubts about her immense avarice, note that international contributions to the Clinton Foundation ceased when it became clear that she would no longer have the potential to sell anything and the donors would get nothing for their bribe money. How she has escaped a charge of TREASON is mind boggling!

  4. YOU LOST GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you get right down to the facts that t was all you & Obama having Russia try to make Trump look bad you should shut up due to the fact you are guilty as sin & should be in JAIL!!

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  7. Hillary Clinton Confirms Fears – She’s Doing It Again… Going to visit Ghislaine Maxell in prison?

  8. That old crone Hillary Clinton just can’t to believe she lost in 2016.
    Get over it, you just weren’t wanted by the majority of voters!!!!

  9. I wish this trashy , old , haggity , wench , Hillary Clinton would just find a rock and crawl her hemrroid ridden , wrinkled areola a$$ , under it !! No wonder PERVERT Bill Clinton dropped seed in the White House , and , was and is , bending over little girls . If you had to wake up to Hillarys’ ugly , trashy mug , every morning ,,, would you think you’d be better off in PRISON TOO ???

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