BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Caught in FBI Scandal – She’s Furious…

Hillary Clinton has some tough days ahead. But when you’re a lying, shady lady, it’s bound to happen at some point.

A Clinton campaign lawyer who has been accused of lying to the FBI while planting Trump-Russia collusion lies is on trial.

“Special Counsel Durham alleges Sussmann lied when he told FBI he was not working on behalf of client when pitching Russia collusion,” according to JustTheNews.

“The first trial resulting from Special Counsel John Durham’s methodical investigation into the origins of the discredited Trump-Russia collusion narrative opens Monday as 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann faces justice for allegedly lying to the FBI,” reports JustTheNews.

“Sussmann, a former federal prosecutor, told the FBI that the Trump Organization had a secret communications channel with the Kremlin through Russia’s Alfa Bank,” reports JustTheNews.

The CIA, FBI, and Trump-Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller among others have since debunked the claim.

“Durham says Sussmann was working at the time on behalf of two clients, the Clinton campaign and then-Neustar tech firm executive Rodney Joffe,” according to JustTheNews.

It’s about time those involved in the Trump-Russia collusion lies be held accountable.

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