BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Announces – 2020 Race Rocked

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just issued a major announcement. The two-time failed presidential candidate has rocked the 2020 race — and the mainstream media is ready to help.

“It’s really important to me that I do everything I can and make sure that we retire the incumbent regardless of what happens,” said Clinton at Pace University, where she appeared with her daughter, Chelsea, to promote their new book.

Clinton stopped short of announcing her candidacy, however, it is obvious that she intends to be as involved as possible in the election. At the very least, she will likely help rally anti-Trump voters in key swing states.

Before a friendly crowd, Clinton continued her attack on Trump. “It is a story of abuse of power, using the office of the president to further not the nation’s objectives but his own personal political objectives,” she said.

She even had the gall to say that “the facts are not in dispute,” which, ironically, is not true. Clinton and other Democrats want this to be an open and shut case against Trump, but it is far from that.

This has been just another witch-hunt. Democrats have proven they don’t care about what actually happened — they are too busy trying to undo the results of the 2016 election. Hillary has a petty score to settle.

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