BREAKING: Hillary Clinton 2024 SHOCKER – Americans Learn Bombshell…

Democrat political strategist Doug Schoen is keeping the possibility of another Hillary Clinton presidential run alive given President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s current unpopularity.

“Do you think she’s going to do it? Fox News host Laura Ingraham asked Schoen. “[Former President Donald] Trump maybe wants to run again to show everybody what he can do and Hillary thought that she never really lost. They both never thought they lost when they ran.”

Schoen admitted that Trump’s policies now look better than Biden’s, while saying he is not a fan of Trump’s.

“Policy is policy,” he said. “And I think that a rematch between the two is more likely today and then we would have ever imagined, even a couple months ago. Secretary Clinton is really, I think, the only viable national candidate that we Democrats have as we face historic midterm defeat.”

Trump would no doubt be thrilled to face Clinton again in 2024, but could the American public stand to look at and listen to her campaign for the better part of another year? I’m doubtful.

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