BREAKING: Hillary Campaign Announcement Shocks Biden – Democrats Stunned

Hillary Clinton handed Donald Trump the presidency when she overlooked the importance of swing states like Michigan. Now according to progressive activist Michael Moore, Biden is repeating the same mistakes Hillary’s campaign made.

Moore sat down for an interview with The Hill’s “Rising,” where he said, “The fact that Trump has narrowed the lead by 50 percent since June should have everybody screaming bloody murder … and figuring out what to do as soon as we’re done talking — or if you don’t even want to listen to us, if you want to get busy now, get busy now because we don’t have a minute to lose on this.”

President Trump has been on the rise since summer and there are no signs of him stopping. Biden’s lead has evaporated as the election draws closer.

Moore continued saying, “Well, start right with the ground game. It’s actually worse than Hillary. At least there was a ground game, even though she didn’t show up. There were Hillary offices in many towns, campaign offices.”

Biden’s absence from the public scene has been particularly notable. Biden’s campaign is keeping him out of the spotlight to hide his rapidly declining health.

Moore is right to point out that Biden has no ground game and no enthusiasm for the campaign. That factor could prove critical to the race and may seal Biden’s fate.

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