Breaking: Hillary Announces On CBS… 2020 SHOCKER

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just made an announcement on CBS. The two-time failed presidential candidate released a 2020 shocker and the nation is stunned.

On ‘The Late Late Show’ with James Corden, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton made a ‘surprise’ appearance to do one thing only: Tell unfunny jokes about President Trump. This is fueling speculation that Hillary plans to run again.

Of course, the appearance was completely staged, with Corden saying that politicians don’t belong on the show — then Hillary and Chelsea appeared behind him and he acted surprised to see the two Democrats.

Corden’s liberal audience rose to their feet and cheered for what seemed like an eternity, but, luckily, they do not speak for the rest of the country. Clinton will lose a third time if she decides to run for president.

And her ego just may push her to do it, too. She simply cannot accept that voters passed judgment on her leadership ability and chose Trump. So, instead, she has to invent conspiracy theories about Russian ‘collusion’ to soothe the loss.

Hillary and Chelsea traded barbs against Trump for a handful of minutes; they even accused the president of being illiterate, using his passionate tweets as an example. These personal attacks aren’t going to help Hillary win.

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