BREAKING: Hijacking Announcement Stuns Nation – Pelosi Warns…

A ‘hijacking announcement’ just stunned the nation and it came from the mouth of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She issued a warning — and it was her craziest one yet. This is absolutely absurd.

“Don’t be intimidated by going to polling places and see people who look like ICE agents or law enforcement or something who might follow you home to see, you know, if you have a mixed-status home or something like that,” said Pelosi.

Appearing on MSNBC, she also said she hopes “Republicans will take back their party” because, according to her, the GOP has been “hijacked as a cult.” That is rich coming from a career politician like Pelosi, but let’s go deeper here.

First of all, she is already trying to sow chaos and division at the polls. Her comment about “ICE agents” is strange, given that they deal with immigration enforcement. Is she implying that illegal immigrants could try to vote.

Pelosi is also drumming up fear over law enforcement — a Democrat tactic that, somehow, she thinks will work. Given all of the uncertainty, there needs to be police at every polling precinct to ensure a peaceful voting process.

After all, there is no telling what Antifa and BLM may try to pull. Americans need to remain vigilant. Be on the lookout for suspicious behavior — not from law enforcement, but from radical leftists wanting to bully and intimidate people.

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