BREAKING: He’s Taking Over – Donald Trump Shocks Republicans

President Donald Trump just sent shockwaves through Washington, DC. Even the Republican Party is stunned — no one expected this to happen with less than 30 days until the November election.

According to a Sunday Express/Democracy Institute poll, Trump is now leading Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by one point nationwide, 46 percent to 45 percent. The margin of error for the poll is 2.5 percent.

This means the two candidates are in a virtual dead heat as we head into the final stretch. However, it appears that Biden has hit his ceiling, while Trump is surging at just the right now. Biden’s campaign should be nervous.

After months of far-left agitators rioting in the streets, Americans have had enough — they want a president who will stand up for law and order, not a president trying to capitalize on the chaos and destruction for political gain.

But this isn’t the only reason Trump needs to be reelected. Other critical issues hang in the balance: The Supreme Court, taxes, environmental policy, illegal immigration, religious freedom, and life itself. Biden would return to the status quo.

It is why the political establishment — including “NeverTrump” Republicans — have pushed Biden so hard. He is a puppet and the Deep State in the puppet master. Trump, by contrast, will not be controlled by the DC swamp.

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