BREAKING: He’s Running For GOVERNOR – Ted Cruz Cheering

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is throwing his hefty political weight behind a particular candidate for Virginia Governor.

According to Fox News, Cruz “is endorsing Republican candidate for Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin and will campaign with him during the final stretch of the GOP contest in the state.”

In footage reportedly exclusive to Fox News, Cruz explains that Youngkin is “the best chance Republicans have of winning Virginia this year.”

“Glenn is pro-life. He’s a gun owner. He’s a defender of religious liberty,” said the conservative Senator. “If you’ve ever spent time with him, you know that he’s the real deal. A Christian, a family man who has his priorities straight, and a guy with common sense.”

Youngkin backed it up with a promise to work hard for his state:

We’re running the most dynamic grassroots campaign Virginia has ever seen, and it’s going to be a lot of fun to have him join me on the trail in the final days. Republicans in Virginia are unifying behind us as more and more realize that unlike the party insiders and political hacks, I’m a leader they can trust who will win in November.

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