BREAKING: He’s RESIGNING – News Stuns Nation

The mayor of a small Alabama town submitted his resignation Saturday after a Facebook post that criticized the Alabama football team for supporting Black Lives Matter.

Mark Chambers, mayor of Carbon Hill posted that he planned to sell his Crimson Tide photos, including those of head coach Nick Saban, because of their “sorry” political views. He said, “The Tide is done in my opinion.”

Chambers had previously faced controversy for a now-deleted Facebook post about homosexuals and transvestites.

I’m actually glad to see a backlash against the BLM movement, since it admittedly is more about being anti-Trump and pro-Marxism than about police brutality or racism. It’s too bad virtue signalers are using the group to cancel people if they don’t tow the line of support, however.

The town is voting on the mayor’s resignation Wednesday.

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