BREAKING: He’s Removed From The Ballot – Voters In Shock

He was just removed from the ballot and millions of voters are shocked. No one expected this to happen, and now the campaign has to hit the reset button. This is absolutely stunning.

“Literally every single signature on there came from the same person,” said election lawyer Scott Salmon, who successfully challenged petitions submitted by Kanye West’s campaign in New Jersey.

“Signatures that were clearly identical signatures where the signed name didn’t match the printed name, where there was a first name but no last name, where it included a street address but, no town,” he said.

A court, therefore, ruled that West would be dropped from consideration on New Jersey’s presidential ballot, a major blow to an 11th-hour, upstart campaign simply trying to get off the ground.

West had been a strong ally for President Donald Trump, even joining with him to support criminal justice reform — a signature accomplishment of his first term in office.

Recently, however, West decided to launch his own presidential campaign due to his alleged dissatisfaction with the choices., but many are wondering if this is part of a secret strategy to hurt Biden.

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