BREAKING: He’s RECUSED Himself – It’s Happening

A New York Times editor has officially recused himself from covering the 2020 race. Editor James Bennett is stepping aside because his older brother is running.

The New York Times announced that James Bennet “will not discuss, assign or edit any editorials, Op-Eds, columns or other opinion pieces focused on candidates or major issues in the campaign” while his brother is still running. Colorado Senator Michael Bennett entered the race Thursday.

The recusal was in the works since early this year, when Michael showed interest in running after he went viral for attacking Ted Cruz. He delayed his run because of prostate cancer, which is now healed. The Times gave a hint when they said that James was not editing any stories about his brother back in February.

It’s definitely an unusual story – or is it? Head honchos in the media and politicos are known for being connected. The Cuomos come to mind. Still, this kind of relationship between a presidential candidate and a major newspaper is odd.

It’s hard to imagine the Times’ coverage making a big difference either way. Bennett enters a packed race that is already dominated by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris. Will anybody really care?

Meanwhile, James is in the running to be the executive editor at the Times. He landed in hot water when the Times published an anti-Semitic cartoon recently. Maybe his recusal was for the best?

Read the full story here.

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