BREAKING: He’s QUITTING – Democrats In Shock

Billionaire and former Democrat presidential candidate Tom Steyer has decided not to run against California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) in a recall election that will be held later this year.

The decision came after a poll showed that Newsom was likely to survive the recall despite the 2.1 million signatures collected in the effort, well above the required 1.5 million.

“I have no plans to run for governor,” Steyer said during a Bloomberg TV interview Wednesday. “I am opposed to the recall. I think that it’s a Republican attack on a Democratic governor.”

Steyer had reportedly been conducting his own private polling to see whether a run against Newsom could succeed.

Several Republicans have already lined up to run against Newsom in the recall, although no date has yet been set for the vote.

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3 Responses

  1. Ah go ahead and run, you got a chance, you never know with the fickle mindeness of the californian.

  2. Why are all these politicians getting away with murder? I am sick of it. Anyone suppressing American citizens….it’s just like in biblical times …..overtaxing, suppressing the comings and goings of citizens, taking away rights and freedoms…..those that do this will have to answer to God for these demonic atrocities!! We were created in love, and we need to sincerely confess sins, and work to love and help each other. I am weary of living in fear. These people can’t possibly think they are actually doing anyone any good….just out for themselves and power & greed. I don’t want this kind of “representation!”

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