BREAKING: He’s OFFICIALLY Running For Office – Announcement Confirms…

Former NFL center for the Ravens and Vikings Matt Birk announced this week that he will run for Lieutenant Governor in Minnesota with Scott Jensen, who is running for governor on the Republican ticket.

The two men seek to replace Democrat Tim Walz, who is seeking re-election.

Democrats are already trying to brand Jensen and Birk as far-right extremists.

“Scott Jensen has selected a running mate who is as committed to the far-right fringe as he is,” Minnesota Democratic Party Chairman Ken Martin said. “Matt Birk has campaigned to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota, supports outlawing abortion, and is a vehement anti-vaxxer.”

While I can see how those viewpoints could be distasteful to a Democrat (“anti-vax” meaning against vaccine mandates), they sound pretty good to me.

Read the full story here.

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