BREAKING: He’s Officially Resigning – Democrats Stunned by Sudden Announcement

He is officially resigning — Democrats are completely stunned by this sudden announcement. They have been exposed and are scrambling for cover.

“The Texas Democratic official who called Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., an ‘oreo’ on Twitter last week has resigned from his position following a backlash,” reported Fox News.

“Lamar County Democratic Party chair Gary O’Connor announced his resignation Tuesday in a statement,” continued the report. He called Scott an “oreo” following the senator’s response to President Joe Biden’s joint address to Congress.

It should come as no surprise that high-ranking Democrats have responded in nasty ways to Scott — an African-American lawmaker and rising star in the Republican Party. He is a threat.

But O’Connor wasn’t the only one who lobbed a racial slur at Scott. Online progressives coined the term “Uncle Tim,” thereby “pushing the aspersion into Twitter’s trending topics for several hours.”

This is the radical left: hypocrites, liars, and extremists. Unless you carry their message, you will be targeted. They don’t actually care about racism — they have proven that again by attacking Scott with racial slurs.

Read the full story here.

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3 Responses

  1. People need to get past the racism garbage. It’s not ok for white persons to talk trash about black persons but it’s ok for black persons to talk trash about white persons. Who’s the racist? They are the group of racists. Nothing but hypocrites. I, personally, do not care about a persons skin color. I have not come across any who are disrespectful. As a matter of fact they even support President Trump.

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