BREAKING: He’s Officially RESIGNING – Democrats In Chaos

A top aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned after the New York state legislature repealed three different executive orders enacted by Cuomo.

Larry Schwartz, a public transit board member, volunteered to work as Cuomo’s “vaccine czar” and reportedly used his authority to interrogate New York Democrats about their loyalty to Cuomo following several scandals.

Schwartz’s resignation was turned in on Wednesday, and he is following several other top figures who are fleeing the sinking ship that is Cuomo’s administration.

Many of those departures were prompted by the repeal of an executive order that shielded many figures in the administration from the usual ethics and transparency requirements. Cuomo’s aides took advantage of those changes as Cuomo struggled to stay above water following dozens of accusations of sexual assault.

Governor Cuomo has survived for much longer than many expected, but that will do little to stop the bleeding as Democrats seek to put distance between themselves and Cuomo.

It is unlikely that Cuomo himself will resign, and he will likely hang on until his term is over and New Yorkers vote someone else in. Nonetheless, Cuomo’s actions have tarnished those around him, and the many aides who worked for him will have to answer for what they did in Cuomo’s corrupt administration.

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  2. I call BS… these criminals “ resign” with the benefits and go on else where to continue corruption! He and ALL these corrupt SOB’s need to be charged. If/When found guilty stripped of ANY & ALL BENEFITS.
    I’m sick and tired of back room deals, slaps in the wrist!

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