BREAKING: He’s MISSING – Joe Biden Bombshell Rocks World

President Joe Biden is arguably the leader of the free world. The only problem is that the free world is not seeing him at all, according to Mike Pompeo.

Pompeo warned that the Biden’s administration stunning decision to not put Biden in front of a camera or take live questions is putting America at risk. A president missing is a weak president.

“World leaders, and my counterparts all across the world are watching very closely,” said Pompeo. “Senior leadership all across the world, they’d watch every statement that is made. They watch every move. They see what their patterns are like, the kinds of behaviors they exhibit — exhibit when times are tough and when the pressure is really on. And so, you remember, President Trump would be out there.”

Pompeo said Biden is not at all “out there” like Trump.

“When a leader can’t do that, when they can’t take questions, when they can’t explain the policies that they are engaged in, when they seem to be hiding behind, whether that’s staff or just the fact that they don’t have time, leaders watch that. They wonder,” said Pompeo.

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