BREAKING: He’s Helping CHINA Do It – Biden Scandal Explodes

A new scandal about President Joe Biden just exploded — he is helping China do it and the truth has come out. He never expected this to happen.

” It’s almost as if you decided to help the Chinese and other economies with your domestic agenda,” said Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) criticizing Biden’s agenda, especially on the domestic front.

Cassidy said that one of Biden’s executive orders “is affecting leasing oil and gas on federal lands” and it “will put tens of thousands of Americans out of work.” Furthermore, he said, “It will shift oil and gas production overseas where their environmental standards are less than ours.”

Now, that is ironic. Biden claims to be doing this to fight “climate change” but, in practice, he is just virtue-signaling to radical environmentalists and killing thousands of jobs in the process.

Another irony is how major unions endorsed Biden, but now some of them are decrying Biden’s move to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline — a major pipeline that will deliver oil from Augusta, Canada, to Texas.

Biden doesn’t actually care about jobs, though. He is more interested in being a puppet for far-left causes than leading America. If his first couple of weeks as president are any indication, we are in big trouble.

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