BREAKING: He’s Gone MISSING – Nation Shocked

An Uyghur man who made a video of himself in a Chinese detention center has now disappeared along with his aunt, according to his uncle.

The video was published by the BBC on Tuesday and showed the man handcuffed to a bed in the detention facility. Somehow, Merdan Ghappar, 31, a former male model, managed to keep his phone to make the videos.

Ghappar sent the videos and text messages about his ordeal to his aunt back in March, and a week later both had disappeared. Before their disappearance, however, Ghappar’s aunt sent the videos and texts to his uncle Abdulhakim Ghappar, an Uyghur activist now based in the Netherlands.

Some of the messages were relayed between Merdan and Abdulhakim before he and his aunt disappeared.

Merdan was able to send details about the detention facility, which some have called a concentration camp, in the videos and texts.

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