BREAKING: He’s Goes Down – Joe Biden Devastated By New Report

It has finally happened. President Joe Biden was just completely devastated by a new report — he could be going down. America has spoken.

According to Breitbart News, a scientific poll conducted by none other than the Washington Post and ABC News found “that about 53 percent of American adults said they disapprove of the way Biden is handling illegal immigration.”

This may have come as a shock to the mainstream media, especially since they have done their darndest to promote Biden’s disastrous border policies and give him cover every step of the way.

But the evidence simply cannot be ignored — there is a crisis on our southern border and it was preventable. Biden was simply more concerned with pandering to the far-left.

We see where that has led: a literal border surge with an alarming number of detentions and attempted illegal crossings. Biden is doing absolutely nothing about it.

This is why Americans are getting fed up. In fact, according to the same poll, Biden’s “catch and release” disaster “is unpopular with swing voters, GOP voters, those who lean Republican, conservatives, and non-college-educated Americans.”

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

  1. I don’t believe any of their polls!! They have been known to cheat before, and they will never stop, until we make them. I live in Arizona, and I am so grateful for the audit that is going on.

  2. A blind poll would be a start.
    Kind of obvious when the people polled are one party the outcome is tainted. But let’s face it polls are biased by the pollsters from the start. Such as 1. Do you feel frogs live in water ? Answers A. yes they live in water
    Answer B. They prefer trees

    2.Frogs eat bugs A.Yes if they float
    B. Just one kind

  3. Hasta cuando piensan seguir engañando a los norteamericanos con estas encuestas manipuladas,, no les basto con decir que 80 millones de americanos votaron por esta mierda de presidente ?, no les fue suficiente ?, se están burlando descaradamente de la inteligencia media de lo americanos, nadie con un coeficiente de inteligencia, aún por debajo del verage normal, estar►1a de acuerdo con el DESASTRE qye estan haciendo estos dos individuos que están representando al pueblo norteamericano y a su deseo de vivir tranquilos y en paz.

  4. It must be fools to support this dishonest, incompetent fool. We have to take his tools away in 2022 and him in 1924.

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