BREAKING: He’s Forced Joe Biden Into Hiding – Nation Shocked…

Chief of staff Ron Klain is facing accusations that he is harming President Joe Biden by hiding him from the public and not allowing him to present himself as “pragmatic” and “empathetic.”

The report pointed out that Biden won the party’ nomination as a “moderate who was willing to compromise,” and also discussed Klain’s micromanagement of Biden.

At his press conference this week, Biden blamed the lack of reaching out on the coronavirus, something that has been going on since the campaign.

Critics claimed in the report that “Klain knows Biden ‘can be influenced by his old friends,’ and that ‘frankly, he should be, because there’s a lot of experience there.’”

They also said Klain gave too much credence to social media and cable news, even though a minority of Americans participate and watch them.

Read the full story here.

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