BREAKING: He’s Fighting Back – Not Leaving Job Without…

He is ready to fight back. He won’t leave his job without due process and people are stunned. Democrats are completely stunned by this move.

“The principal of Cordova High School in Memphis, Tennessee, is suing his school district and its superintendent for suspending him after he taught students about big tech censorship,” reported Breitbart News.

“Principal Barton Thorne delivers a weekly ‘principal’s message’ to students,” continued Breitbart — and he used a recent one to discuss big tech censorship “in the wake of the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.”

Shortly after delivering the message, Thorne was suspended while the school district conducted a “professional misconduct” investigation, but Thorne immediately filed a lawsuit to challenge the suspension.

Thorne’s lawyers argue that the school district’s “actions violate Principal Thorne’s First and Fourteenth Amendment rights by subjecting him to viewpoint discrimination” and was even “a breach” of his employment contract.

In Thorne’s message to students, he spoke about “the importance of Free Speech and the dangers of cancel culture and deplatforming.” For this, he was suspended by the school district and maligned in the media.

Read the full story here.

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  1. First of all, the Principal’s name is Barton Thorne…….not Flores!!!!! from Cordova High School, Memphis, TN. Now, if you are from Tennessee, I want you to either get online and speak your peace about how very improper this firing was, or write a letter to all School authorities Memphis may have. I will be saying my peace because I am sick and tired of this damned “cancel culture.” EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH!!!! But more important, he had the right to “Teach” these children of their freedoms given “by the Constitution” in this country. You people want someone teaching your children the right, good and proper thing, well that’s what they got from this Principal. REINSTATE HIM NOW, AND SHUT IT WITH YOUR DISCRIMINATORY ACTIONS!!!!

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