BREAKING: He’s DEAD – Nation In Shock

A beloved American is now dead and millions of people are in shock. The nation is mourning the passing of a pioneer — please pray for his family.

“Longtime NBC and CBS correspondent and television anchor Roger Mudd has died at the age of 93,” reported Breitbart News, based upon a story by The Associated Press. The cause of death was reportedly kidney failure.

Mudd was a traditional, hard-nosed journalist who did not take B.S. for an answer. He once famously asked Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) why he wanted to be president and “stumped” the influential senator completely.

“During more than 30 years on network television, starting with CBS in 1961, Mudd covered Congress, elections and political conventions and was a frequent anchor and contributor to various specials,” continued the report.

Mudd may be one of the last non-activist reporters of a generation. Nowadays, Americans are stuck with predominately left-wing ideologues masquerading as “journalists,” drawing the ire of Americans nationwide.

According to a recent scientific survey reported on by Axios, “56% of Americans agree with the statement that ‘Journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.'”

Read the full story here.

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  1. Well we cant live for ever. 93 is a good age to live if we could all be so lucky to live that long. (If our health is good). If some one is very sickly than it s not worth living that long .(in pain) That s what I think (Sorry) To each their own. Thinking

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