BREAKING: He’s DEAD – Easter Shocker Has Family In Mourning…

25-year-old Nigerian seminary student Sule Ambrose collapsed and died during a reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Ambrose was studying at the Claratian Institute of Philosophy and was participating in the reenactment as the disciple Simon Peter.

When Ambrose collapsed, many spectators watching the reenactment believed it was part of the event. Tragically, this was not the case, and Ambrose was pronounced dead at the hospital.

One spectator told local media, “initially when it happened we thought it was a joke, and that it was part of the drama, it was when he could not get up that was when we knew it was a serious matter and he was rushed to hospital.”

So far, the case of Ambrose’s death has not been determined, although those who were at the reenactment said that Ambrose began bleeding heavily when he collapsed.

The crucifixion reenactment was canceled, and other Easter activities at the school were also canceled following Ambrose’s collapse.

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