BREAKING: He’s Crashed – Joe Biden In Deep Trouble…

President Joe Biden’s Real Clear Politics average of polls has once again dropped, this tme to 41.6% as of Friday. Biden is 11.5% underwater in the poll, with 53.1% disapproving of the president.

All of the polls included in the average showed Biden underwater by double digits. Several of the polls had Biden’s approval under 40%, including USA/Suffolk at 38% and Federalist/Susquehanna at 36%.

The public is unhappy with Biden because of a number of policies, including a botched Afghanistan pullout and massive inflation of cars, groceries, gas and housing prices.

Despite the serious issues facing the American people, Biden left Washington last week to go to a major donor’s  huge estate on Nantucket for Thanksgiving.

The fact that he seems to be oblivious to all of these problems is part of the reason why his poll numbers have dropped so low, so quickly.

Read the full story here.

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