BREAKING: He’s Been IMPEACHED And REMOVED – Decision Stuns Voters…

The South Dakota Senate officially convicted Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg on two charges in his impeachment trial.

This officially removes the man from office and prevents him from holding office in the future.

The impeachment came about as a result of his 2020 car accident in which the Republican fatally struck a man with his car.

He dialed 911 the night of the crash to say that he had hit a deer or other large animal while driving.

Ravnsborg was apparently not aware that he had struck a human until the next day.

The South Dakota Senate didn’t seem to believe him:

Republican State Senator Lee Schoenbeck said it plainly, “There’s no question that was a lie, this person ran down an innocent South Dakotan.”

The man Ravnsborg killed was age 55 Joseph Boever. Ravnsborg reached a settlement with Boever’s widow after she threatened a lawsuit.

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