BREAKING: He’s Been FIRED – Nation Shocked

He was just fired and millions of people across the nation are in shock. Americans want answers immediately — this is absolutely insane.

“Alabama state Rep. Shane Stringer (R-Citronelle) was a Mobile County Sheriff’s Office captain until his support for constitutional carry allegedly led Sheriff Sam Cochran to relieve him of his law enforcement position,” reported Breitbart News.

Stringer is the sponsor of a bill in the Alabama legislature that would remove the permit requirement to carry a firearm for self-defense, and Sheriff Cochran reportedly fired him over it.

“Sheriff Sam Cochran made the decisions Wednesday, May 12, because of different political views held by his administration,” said Lori Myles, the sheriff’s spokeswoman, according to

There is no word yet on a lawsuit to challenge the termination, however, Stringer is standing by his commitment to see constitutional carry enacted in the state of Alabama.

Stringer said that he “swore an oath to God that I would support the U.S. Constitution” and that isn’t going to change, regardless of “whether or not I am employed by the Mobile Sheriff’s Office.”

Read the full story here.

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  2. You should not Fire a person over our Constitutional rights. That is our right you COMMUNIST!!!

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