BREAKING: He’s Been FIRED – Failure Was Too Much…

France will fire its military intelligence chief General Eric Vidaud because he failed to predict the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

French officials cited “insufficient briefings” and a “failure to master the issues” for Vidaud’s immediate departure after only seven months on the job.

“Our services rather thought that the conquest of Ukraine would have a monstrous cost and that the Russians had other options [to bring down the Ukrainian government],” General Thierry Burkhard, France’s current Chief of Defence Staff, said in an interview.

“The warning is for the entire [French intelligence] community. You have to be efficient and meet all the threats,” Professor Alexandre Papaemmanuel of Paris’s Institute of Political Studies (IEP) said.

Maybe Vidaud just didn’t want the Ukraine invasion to be true so France could keep selling arms to Russia.

Read the full story here.

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