BREAKING: He’s Been CRITICALLY INJURED In Crash [Developing]

A Texas Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol trooper was critically injured when riding with another officer who rolled their vehicle in a canal.

The accident occurred as the trooper was operating with Border Patrol agents to track and apprehend illegal immigrants suspected of crossing the southern border.

The situation on the southern border has continued to fester and Border Patrol agents are increasingly stretched thin as thousands of illegal immigrants pour across the border.

So far the exact details of the accident and the status of the trooper have been withheld. At this point, we know the trooper was badly injured but hopefully is in stable condition.

The border crisis and the fallout from it can be directly attributed to President Biden and his awful handling of the immigration crisis.

It is long past time for President Biden to crack down on the southern border and get a lid on the situation before more deaths and unnecessary injuries occur.

Read the full story here.

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