BREAKING: He’s Been ARRESTED – Media Trying To Hide This

An alleged Neo-Nazi was arrested in Virginia for planning violent attacks. However, the media is burying the fact that the man was an illegal immigrant.

The situation in Virginia has generated a lot of concern around the nation. But the coverage of the events in Virginia has been predictably incomplete and designed to generate hysteria.

Of course, the suspect’s affiliations are being weaponized against the right, while his status as an illegal immigrant is being buried.

Meanwhile, what has been completely ignored is the legitimate concern about the Democrat government in Virginia violating the 2nd Amendment.

Governor Ralph Northam, known for his blackface scandal, has been a determined enemy of the 2nd Amendment. He and his Democrat cohorts declared a “state of emergency” while the government debates gun control legislation.

It is important that American’s not let the media defame good citizens for wanting to defend their rights. The coverage of this issue emphasizes what we already knew – you can’t trust the media.

Read the full story here.

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