BREAKING: He’s Been Arrested… It’s Official [DEVELOPING]

A dishonorably discharged Marine was just arrested after impersonating a security guard for President Donald Trump’s Marine One helicopter.

The motive of the ex-Marine, Brandon M. Magnan, was unknown. Magnan had been discharged from the Marines for “abusive sexual conduct” and is a registered sex offender.

Now he is facing three years in jail and a $250,000 fine. President Trump was in no danger as he was at his private Mar-a-Lago resort.

In a politically divisive time, it isn’t far fetched to say that perhaps Magnan had ill intentions towards the President. It is also possible it was simply a random act.

Regardless of Magnan’s intentions, he was caught and will have his day in court. As for President Trump he can rest easy knowing his Marine escort is alert and on guard.

Hopefully, this kind of event will stay rare and the President will stay safe.

Read the full story here.

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