BREAKING: He’s Been ARRESTED – Hollywood Stunned

He was just charged and arrested and Hollywood is stunned. The son of a longtime actor is in the spotlight after he mixed it up with left-wing agitators a few short days ago. This is a shocking development.

Hollywood actor John Malcovich’s son, Loewy Malkovich, “was busted on charges of interfering with a peace officer and disorderly conduct in the second degree” during a demonstration in Portland that became unruly, according to Fox News.

“No specifics as to what Loewy did were available in the report,” continued Fox News, referring to a report from the Portland Police Bureau. But the protest quickly devolved into an “unlawful assembly and they began to make targeted arrests.”

Protesters reportedly would not allow traffic to pass through the area, even though they were repeatedly told to do so. The report also said that “rocks, a full beverage can, and water bottles began to fly from the crowd toward police officers.”

In short, this protest was clearly turning into a riot and needed to be quelled for everyone’s safety. You don’t have a right to block traffic or commit violent acts — the First Amendments protects the right to “peaceably assemble,” after all.

The keyword here is “peaceably,” which many in this crowd didn’t seem to understand, including, allegedly, Malkovich’s son. In the coming days, it should be made public what specifically Malcovich did to warrant his arrest on September 4.

Read the full story here.

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