BREAKING: Here’s Why Joe Biden Is LEAVING Oval Office – It’s About Time…

In case you haven’t noticed, Joe Biden doesn’t take the time for his fellow citizens very often.

A much-reported fact about Joe’s presidency is that he made less appearances in his first year than any President that came before him.

But when he finally does address America?

Well, it’s not going to be from the Oval Office.

And that’s no accident.

The reason for the President of the United States never addressing America from his Oval Office?

It’s difficult to fit a teleprompter in there.

That’s right, even when he’s not debating against anyone, Joe still can’t keep his words straight.

It’s so bad, in fact, that he now refuses to give speeches without a teleprompter.

Otherwise, he’d be doing it from the Oval Office.

When liberals try to tell you that this man is fit to be President of the greatest country in the world, they’re lying. And they know it.

Sixty-two percent of Americans believe that Biden is not fit to be President.

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