BREAKING: Here’s Who Is Actually Running Biden Campaign – Top Senator Shocks Nation

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said Tuesday on Fox News that Big Tech will be running a Biden administration, noting that he has nominated and appointed several former Big Tech executives to cabinet position and his transition team.

“Big tech is going to run this administration,” Hawley declared. “Tech companies are calling the tune, and Joe Biden is going to do whatever they tell him to.”

Biden’s Big Tech-heavy transition and cabinet may be a response to the huge donations those companies gave to him during the campaign, Hawley suggested.

Hawley said it wasn’t going to be much different than the Obama administration, which also had many Big Tech figures in key positions.

“Let’s not forget, Google was on the line for an antitrust lawsuit back during the Obama administration, and the Obama team shut it down after Google met with them, where else, in the White House,” Hawley said.

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