BREAKING: Here’s Who Biden Is FIRING Over Afghanistan – Nation Stunned

Americans eager to see who President Biden will hold accountable for the disaster in Afghanistan ought not to hold their breath. A new report from Axios indicates that President Biden has no plans of firing anyone anytime soon.

Senior national security and intelligence officials are reportedly assured of their job security despite failing to predict a total collapse of the Afghan National Army.

The fall of Afghanistan has tarnished the image of the United States, yet no heads will be rolling for this unprecedented disaster. The message is clear, under President Biden, there will be no accountability for failure.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and CIA Director William Burns can all be considered as having played a role in Afghanistan’s rapid collapse.

What makes this decision even worse is not only did our top officials fail to predict Afghanistan’s collapse, they had no plan to get Americans out of the country.

President Biden himself has refused to recognize the severity of his failure by saying, “I think that history is going to record this was the logical, rational, right decision to make.” This statement might age just as poorly as his July statement in which he assured us that Afghanistan would not be a repeat of Vietnam.

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6 Responses

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  5. Well if the buck stops with Joe Biden he is the one that needs to be fired, impeached or resigns which is ever is the swiftness way, and when that happens all the rest of his minions need to go

  6. What a sad situation this administration has put this country in starting on January 20th and gone downhill ever since. You can’t pick just one person. It’s the whole crooked, stupid bunch. From day one it has NEVER been America First. It’s like having a leader from the enemy camp. Never in my lifetime has this country been in such dire straights. It’s like life in the Middle East where the ones running the country have no interest in the citizens but just want control of the territory. The terrorists will fight til they control everything then fight each other. We have such weak leadership that it never should have gotten to this situation. It is expected there will be 15 thousand Afghan refugees just in D.C.alone. This is on top of the 2 million that have crossed our southern border and still coming from all over the world. Not to make light of this situation whatsoever but all of those refugees coming into this country breed like rabbits which is a big part of the reason those countries are so poor and are controlled by terrorists and its all headed to countries like America. They just wait for weak leadership(which we do have)then they make their move which is now happening. We have no leadership and even if you start removing from the top you would have a ways to go to get to anyone that could responsibly take over this mess. God Help Us and the Americans left behind in Afghanistan. The VP is to busy flying around the world accomplishing NOTHING but is going to come home to campaign for Gov. Newsom. Now that is important considering the mess this country is in which he is part of.

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