BREAKING: Here’s The Democrat Secret Hidden In New Gun Control Bill – America Needs To Know…

The new gun control bill being pushed by the Left contains a lot of things the American public needs to know about.

“The Senate’s bipartisan gun control bill contains heightened penalties for firearm trafficking and straw purchases,” reports Breitbart News.

The penalties were added to the bill, despite the fact that trafficked or straw purchased firearms were not used in Uvalde, Buffalo, Parkland, Las Vegas, or Orlando, among others.

The straw purchase section (932)v says:

It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly purchase, or conspire to purchase, any firearm in or otherwise affecting interstate or foreign commerce for, on behalf of, or at the request or demand of any other person, knowing or having possible cause to believe that such other person is prohibited from making the purchase for themselves.

Breitbart News has long kept a running tally of the high-profile mass shootings of the last 15 years, and every attacker but three got his guns via a background check. Two of the three who avoided background checks–the Clackamus Town Center attacker (December 11, 2012) and the Sandy Hook attacker (December 14, 2012)–stole their guns, so no amount of point-of-sale gun controls would have stopped them. One individual, the Midland, Texas, attacker (August 31, 2019), acquired his gun via a private sale.

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