BREAKING: Her Worst Secret Just Got Exposed In The White House – Nation STUNNED…

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield has conducted the daily press briefing in recent days because the press office has been sidelined by COVID-19.

Bedingfield was communications director of President Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020, and she famously pooh-poohed and then tried to downplay and ignore accusations against Hunter Biden at that time, as Breitbart pointed out.

“I know I am not the redhead you’re accustomed to seeing at this podium,” Bedingfield joked during the briefing on Tuesday. “But I hope you will hang with me nonetheless.”

The messaging is pretty much interchangeable no matter which redhead is behind the podium–all the bad stuff is someone else’s fault and Biden and his family are pure as the wind-driven snow.

Even the New York Times exposed Bedingfield as a shill for Biden and his family, but that won’t stop her from trying to twist the truth and keep running her agenda.

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