BREAKING: Healthcare Bombshell Decision Shocks Voters – It’s Happening Now…

A recent report from The Economist shows that despite our best attempts to keep Big Tech out of our lives, they’re going to bully their way in.

Google, and its parent company, Alphabet, are two of the biggest offenders of this.

Not far behind them is Amazon.

As if controlling the media wasn’t enough, these three groups are ready to get deeply involved in your health care.

That’s right. Our health care system is a mess, and it’s about to get even worse when these snakes get involved.

All three organizations have recently made billions and billions and billions (and billions) in healthcare bets and deals.

Here’s a segment of The Economist article that shows how involved Google is really getting:

So far this year, it has injected $1.7 billion into future health ideas, according to data provider, CB Insights, which, leaving its fellow tech giants, has spent nearly $100 million in the dust. Alphabet is the fifth-highest-ranking business in the Nature Index, which measures the impact of scientific papers in the life sciences, behind four giant drugmakers and 20 places ahead of Microsoft, the only other tech giant in the running. The company has hired former senior health regulators to help navigate America’s health care bureaucracy.

Alphabet’s approach to innovation—throwing a lot of money at a lot of projects—has worked well in few other businesses beyond its core search engine. This has given rise to clever products, from Gmail and Google Docs to the Android mobile operating system and Google Maps, that support people’s digital lives. Alphabet thinks that some of its health offerings will become central to their physical existence. Is this an accurate forecast?

Alphabet Health has dabbled in health since 2008, when Google introduced a service that allowed users to compile their health records in one place. That project was shut down in 2012, relaunched in 2018 as Google Health, which included Google’s other health ventures, and was scrapped again last year. Today Alphabet’s health adventures can be divided into four broad categories. These are in thick order of ambition: wearables, health records, health-related artificial intelligence (AI) and the ultimate challenge of increasing human longevity.

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