BREAKING: Health Bombshell ROCKS Royal Family – Queen Is…

The Queen of England is nearing the end of her sixty-nine year reign, and it showed this week when she was unable to walk across a room to greet visitors at Windsor Castle.

“Queen Elizabeth II has admitted to experiencing physical difficulties associated with age just 10 days after her Platinum Jubilee that marked 70 years of service to the British people,” reported Breitbart News.

“The Queen, 95, required the use of a walking stick for her engagement at Windsor Castle on Wednesday and had to call over Defence Services Secretary Major General Eldon Millar and his predecessor Rear Admiral James Macleod when she was unable to walk over to greet them,” according to Breitbart News.

Macleod entered the room and greeted the Queen, asking her how she was.

“Well as you can see I can’t move”, the Queen said.

The duo then walked over to shake the Queen’s hand.

“While the Queen was unable to walk across the room, she was able to take a step forward for the handshake,” Breitbart News reports.

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